The Virtus Clinic manifest

Virtus Clinic stands for high-quality orthopaedic care. And we believe that this care can only be provided by experts who embrace our five core values. Each Virtus Clinic expert has signed our manifesto — and thus endorses the Virtus purpose:

We believe in the authentic power of self-healing, a talent that is inherent in us all. At Virtus Clinic we firmly believe that, by letting you take the lead in your own health journey and combining this with excellent clinical skills and a data-driven approach, we can offer you the best possible care.

Virtus Clinic is… progressive

Feel free to call us an orthopaedic centre of excellence”. That’s the term we use. We combine craftsmanship with virtue and connect special clinical skills with a data-driven, technological approach. Virtus Clinic constitutes a high-quality label. As masters of sustainable rehabilitation, we pursue moral excellence. No situation is too complex for us — and hopeless” is not in our dictionary.

Virtus Clinic is… authentic

Whereas some people consider an injury or the need for rehabilitation to be a setback, we see it as an opportunity to use one’s physical potential to the full. Orthopaedics remains the core, but we also delve deeper into the person. After all, the psyche is often the key to the ideal physical therapy. We strive for authenticity with regard to our own health, even if it is sometimes stifled by entrenched dominant patterns. Virtus Clinic is at home in this world — and is a partner who stands alongside you in the defence of your own healing process.


Virtus Clinic is… connected

Virtus Clinic believes in the power of the community. With our authentic talent to connect, we are the indispensable link between our people and a global network of medical experts and institutions. No border is too far for us, the world is our playground. The result? Everything is possible.

Virtus Clinic is… inspired

Virtus Clinic is driven by a passion for the body and for human movement. We are spurred on by our profession and our people form the indispensable epicentre of our goals. Physical activity is our most important tool for boosting self-healing capacity. We strive for maximum recovery and maximum promotion of intrinsic athletic skills.

Our commitment is limitless and is strengthened by mutual trust and a firm belief in what we do. We embark on our journey together. Side by side and step by step.

Virtus Clinic is… tenacious

Virtus Clinic does not compromise. We are critical, focused and engaged in every case. Everyone gets the full package: ambitious go-getters who motivate when needed — and share their boundless energy when it is lacking. We are keen to achieve results and use all our knowledge, energy and creativity to involve the person in the process. Our goal? To ensure that the person masters the exercises — and the philosophy behind them.

In need of sustainable rehabilitation?