Orthopedic centre of excellence

VIRTUS Clinic takes a new approach to orthopaedic care. We look beyond your injury or wound — and we see trauma as a challenge and an opportunity.

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Virtus Clinic extracts the essence of every story

At Virtus Clinic we don’t treat symptoms, we jointly examine the source of your issue. And that is only possible by placing you at the centre of your personal health journey.

Time and again, we strive for a long-term relationship, where mutual trust and commitment are key. Our orthopaedic coaches boost your self-healing capacity — and help maximise your intrinsic athletic skills.

Our mission? To make ourselves totally superfluous: because each of us has an innate and natural healing ability — which is also your authentic talent. Our passion for human movement also results in a firm belief in what we do: achieving sustainable rehabilitation through an active and human-driven health programme.

An injury is not a setback, but the opportunity to maximize your own physical potential.

High quality

Our knowledge, expertise and experience make the difference. Time and time again.


Virtus Clinic is located between you and an extensive international network of medical experts and institutions.

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We combine our clinical skills with a technological, evidence-based and data-driven approach.

Our services

The Virtus experts have outstanding and incisive expertise in orthopaedics, training and nutrition, as well as performance training. We divide this expertise into three pillars.

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Orthopaedic rehabilitation

At Virtus Clinic, anyone with issues affecting the locomotor system or the body’s support and movement apparatus is welcome. You can turn to us if you have a broken toe, stiff neck muscles, and everything in between.

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Complex traumas

Virtus Clinic does not shy away from complex issues. In our field of expertise, we see everything as a challenge. There’s only one thing to do! Accept that challenge.

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Boosting the physical potential

You can only excel as an expert in the orthopaedic sector if you assist professionals (or assist them again) in regaining their ability to excel according to their qualities. We do this on a scientifically proven basis and using a data-driven approach.

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Corporate health

Do you need medical support in your own professional context? Virtus Clinic can provide the support your team needs.


Meet the Virtus Clinic team

Every VIRTUS expert embodies our values, vision and ambition. Whichever orthopaedist treats you, you will always experience the rehabilitation as partners.

Expect to meet an ambitious and energetic team with infinite perseverance and talent — and who will jointly define your personal health path.
Virtusclinic team
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Via zorgstraten naar een geïndividualiseerde zorg. 

VIRTUS Clinic is een focus clinic, gespecialiseerd in de behandeling van orthopedische blessures. We zijn een toonaangevende en internationale orthopedische revalidatie instelling gesitueerd in Antwerpen. Onze expertise bundelen we in de ontwikkeling van orthopedische zorgstraten. Namelijk, elke revalidatie start met een uitgebreid technologisch assessment en de revalidatie verloopt aan de hand van een uitgekiemd en wetenschappelijk behandel protocol. De beschikbare data vormt onze leidraad doorheen het revalidatieproces. Tevens is er op elk ogenblik contactname met arts en/​of andere zorgverleners mogelijk.