Orthopaedic rehabilitation

At Virtus Clinic anyone with issues affecting the locomotor system or the body’s support and movement apparatus is welcome. You can turn to us if you have a broken toe, stiff neck muscles, and everything in between.

Sustainable rehabilitation

Persistent, annoying pain that keeps plaguing you? Stiff muscles that prevent you from exercising, or an acute trauma? Young or old, sporty or not at all — at Virtus Clinic we treat anyone who needs it. Whatever your issue, we guarantee we will get to the heart of the matter. We do this not by working on symptoms, but by jointly examining the source of your issue. This results in a tailor-made process that guarantees sustainable rehabilitation.

Human driven health programme

It is our goal to create a personal human-driven health programme for everyone: regardless of the issue, regardless of the person. Our healthcare vision is highly inclusive — and as a result, unique. The Virtus experts look for a conclusive solution together with you — and within your possibilities. That’s a promise.

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