Meet the faces behind Virtus Clinic

Our mission

Every expert within Virtus Clinic embodies our values, vision and ambition. Whichever expert treats you, you will always experience the rehabilitation as partners. Expect an ambitious and energetic team with infinite perseverance and talent — and which will always put your case first.

Our experts are all creative, sporty and technologically savvy health creators.
Therefore, Virtus Clinic is by no means a regular rehabilitation practice — but resolutely believes in dialogue, gamification and physical fitness. The work ethic, tools and treatment strategies we use are based on the latest evidence-based insights.

Our team is 100% Virtus Clinic-driven. The experts who treat you work only according to the Virtus philosophy — and are connected to an international and extensive team of medical experts and doctors. Moreover, our nurses are available every day to provide you with appropriate post-operative wound care and/​or assistance.

Virtusclinic team

Frédérique Neys


Frederik Ampe

Jannes Boonen

Charlotte De Vooght

Physiotherapist - golfperformance coaching

Nick Cusseneers

Running Coach

Natascha De Decker

Head of administration

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